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Main products: high temperature powder MEG-1, high temperature powder MEG-2A, medium high temperature powder MEZ-TMJ, medium low temperature powder MED-2-40s, etc.


As an application in electric heating appliances, electrical grade magnesia has special requirements in many types of fused magnesia, including chemical properties, particle shape, particle size distribution, crystal shape, etc. Because electrical grade magnesium oxide is directly related to the use temperature and service life of the electric heating tube, it is necessary to select electrical grade magnesium oxide with different properties and levels according to the manufacturing process of the electric heating tube. The electrical-grade magnesia capacitor of Meier undergoes heat treatment to obtain high-quality fused magnesia sand for electric heating, so as to improve its electrical properties and make it suitable for use in dry and high temperature ranges, thereby improving the utilization rate of electrical-grade magnesia raw materials.