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Main products: high temperature powder MEG-1, high temperature powder MEG-2A, medium high temperature powder MEZ-TMJ, medium low temperature powder MED-2-40s, etc.


Now some medium-strength aluminum alloys have been replaced with rare-earth high-strength magnesium alloys.

Get the app. With the development of magnesium alloy preparation technology, the material properties are so strong, stronger than rigid

The further improvement of temperature, heat resistance and corrosion resistance further expands its application range. At present, the main application fields include various civil and military aircraft engine parts, propellers,

Gear boxes, support structures, and some parts for rockets, missiles, and satellites. Folding temperature resistance

To improve the performance of the aircraft, various engine boxes, transmission boxes and power supply devices of the aircraft will be gradually adopted.

Made of magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloy sheets are mainly used to manufacture various wall panels, fairings, hair

Hoods, doors, covers, frames, fairings, wingtips, tail surfaces, ailerons and fuel tanks, etc.