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Main products: high temperature powder MEG-1, high temperature powder MEG-2A, medium high temperature powder MEZ-TMJ, medium low temperature powder MED-2-40s, etc.


BTTZ magnesium oxide cable adopts high temperature resistance. Non-combustible inorganic magnesium oxide is used as insulating material. The continuous working temperature is 250 °C, and it can continuously supply power for 3 hours at 950 °C to 1000 °C. It can work close to the melting point of copper at 1083 °C (the melting point of magnesium oxide is 2800 °C) in a short time or in an extraordinary period. Mineral insulated cable has excellent performance, therefore, it is suitable for fire protection and the following lines with rated voltage of 1000V and below: general lighting, emergency lighting lines, emergency broadcasting lines, emergency elevator and lifting equipment lines, fire alarm control lines, computer rooms Control lines, fire-fighting electrical lines, generator room transmission lines, power supply lines that cannot be cut off, dual power supply control lines, lighting lines in public places, trunk/sub-trunk power distribution system lines, lighting lines for scenic spots and historical sites, high-temperature environment power and control lines, Oil pump wiring, wiring in potentially hazardous explosion areas. Mineral cables are all composed of inorganic substances (metallic copper and magnesium oxide), which themselves will not cause fire, and cannot burn or support combustion. Even if there is an external flame, the cable can still work normally.