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Dashiqiao Meier Magnesium Products Co., Ltd. 2nd and 3rd Workers' Congress

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Dashiqiao Meier Magnesium Products Co., Ltd. organized the second third employee representative meeting in the conference room on December 31, 2021. There were 35 representatives who should be present, and 35 were actually present. The meeting was chaired by Feng Yishi, a trade union member. .


he meeting read out all the rules and regulations of Meier Company carefully, which marks that the standardized management system of Meier Company has risen to a new level. According to the spirit of this meeting and the actual situation of the department, all departments of the company should make overall plans and take the overall situation as the priority, so that this policy can be truly implemented and implemented well. Use scientific system and humanized management to increase employees' sense of happiness, belonging, identity and honor!


On behalf of the leadership team of Meier Company, General Manager Jing put forward ardent hope to all employee representatives.


He pointed out that since the establishment of the management system in a standardized manner, the leadership of Meyer has been exploring and trying constantly, summing up experience in practice and updating concepts in development. Meier always adheres to the chairman's leading idea of people-oriented and innovative management, and keeps pace with the development of the times in terms of management system and its own philosophy! It is under the guidance of this correct theoretical policy that makes Meier a great Step forward, creating one miracle after another. The achievement of all these honors is inseparable from the hard work of all employees, so the company has introduced new policies and measures every year, and strives to create a harmonious and efficient working environment for Meier employees. The general manager also put forward specific suggestions and requirements to find the most suitable methods and methods for the company to be officially implemented! He emphasized that the company has delegated the management and supervision powers of employees to various departments on the premise of ensuring the seriousness of the system. Employees create a relaxed and harmonious working environment, let employees feel the care of the enterprise, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise. He hoped that the representatives of the employees and the heads of various departments would have a real understanding of the company's management spirit, correctly guide the employees to interpret this policy, and truly implement the company's system policies. The participants unanimously raised their hands and voted to approve the implementation of all systems.


Trade union member Feng Yishi summed up the workers' congress.


He said that the duty of the trade union is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and it is the key bridge between enterprises and employees. In the future work, the trade union should give full play to the organization, guidance and leading role of the trade union, actively do good things, do practical things, and solve difficult problems for the majority of employees, so that employees can feel warm and enjoy care; serve and guide employees to make achievements in their respective positions; for the enterprise Development provides a solid foundation for the masses, reflects the voices and opinions of the people, strengthens communication between the top and bottom, and contributes to the cause of Meier!