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Advantages of China's electrical grade magnesium oxide powder

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China has abundant magnesium resources, not only liquid resources such as seawater, brine, well brine, but also very rich natural mineral resources such as magnesite, dolomite, brucite, serpentine, etc. Electrical grade magnesia powder is specially used for development Magnesium oxide products provide a solid resource advantage.


China has a variety of raw material routes to produce magnesium oxide enterprises. In the past ten years, the dolomite carbonization method has been developed by leaps and bounds, and it has Chinese characteristics in terms of technology and equipment. Scientific and technological achievements have been emerging and applied in production practice. Waste residue pollution, protects the environment, improves economic efficiency, and is at the leading level in the world. The magnesite carbonization method was successfully applied, which greatly reduced the production cost of magnesia. The traditional production of magnesium oxide from brine is developing towards high-purity, high-value-added, specialized and functional products.